Orlando alone

Orlando 2017

I felt fear, anxiety, excitement, and adventurousness at the same time. When it turned out that I would go alone to the biggest and most significant exhibition of our industry to Orlando, Florida which is more than 8000 km away from my little, cozy spot I felt lost.

Ok, I knew I wouldn’t be alone. Our staff at the booth consisted of 40 people, but none of them was from my company, and what was even more important there wouldn’t be anyone who could install our products, but me.

Ha! Neither could  I.

Although electrician guys at our company gave me a crash course on how I should mount the products to the booth’s wall and fix the electricity, if something had happened I wasn’t sure I could have fixed it. I was sure I couldn’t. But fine, life begins at the end of your comfort zone, so nothing else to do it, but go ahead.

I packed my crate – ok, it wasn’t me, the delivery company did it- grabbed my pack and took a taxi to the Budapest airport.

My journey had just begun and I couldn’t let fears go away. I was on the plane from Paris to Atlanta and flipped the pages of the airlines’ magazine. Once I found an article, that was about travelling – got surprised?! – and a short part of it became my favourite quote.

“Sometimes only the feeling remains. There might be a person, a landscape, a journey that changed your life, but you can’t recall precisely how it happened. You don’t remember the exact date. You hope that no one asks you to explain the details of the story – and especially not to reveal how it ends. You start to think that you should have kept a diary or at least notes. And yet, the sensation is still there, vivid and intact.”

It reminded me a very nice few days that just happened before my travel. I met a guy, who wasn’t so special or anything. I mean, he was funny and handsome and blabla, but these were not the things why he was special to me.

The first time in my life, I could truly, honestly believe, that I’m ok, moreover I’m kind, gentle and beautiful. However I knew I would never see him again, cuz he’d  leave my country and never come back so I didn’t have any expectations or hope, yet somehow he just managed to make me believe that I’m lovable.

The guy left my country indeed, later he messaged me once – it was so kind – and never again, but the feeling remained. The feeling that helped me to get some confidence to manage this project easily.

I still don’t understand why he texted me after he left, if he didn’t care about me – guys just do things like this, I guess -, but I will always be grateful to him.

Amazing experience in Atlanta

The plane landed at  Atlanta airport and I had some hours until the next flight. I found a sports bar and it was one of the best experiences in my life. There was a football match – or rugby, or ice-hockey or something like that, I don’t know, I just wanted to drink a glass of wine somewhere – and the good atmosphere that filled the place was incredibly amazing. Just watching the people who were cheering in unison supporting the team who was playing. I was captivated by the feeling and almost missed my flight.

Little happy things in life


Finally, I arrived and first of all I had to rent a car. Did the paperwork, went to the garage, picked up my car, found the hotel without getting lost and checked in… too easy. “Something is going on here…” I thought and as it turned out later, I was right. My crate wasn’t on the site. The crate that contained all the products, my business cards, my tools and everything I wanted to show at the exhibition wasn’t there on time. How? I was shocked. And then, when I returned to the hotel a really kind message was waiting for me from Housekeeper Andrea. I know it’s a marketing trick, but it was so kind and it came just at the perfect time that finally changed my whole day.

Me and some of my colleagues – thank you so much, girls!!! – spent two days on the phone. What is more, my company phone had no service in the States, so I had to buy another one. The exhibition started on Monday and my crate was going to arrive at the site on Wednesday evening the earliest! Alright it then let’s introduce our products without the products. So I bought a television at Best Buy, that played some videos about our brand. This situation taught me, that if something happens that you can’t control even if you do your best, just get over it and enjoy what you can. So this is exactly what I did. The hotel was stunning, additionally, it was at SeaWorld and I had a wonderful view to Universal Studio. The parties and dinners at night were so funny and the team who I joined consisted of amazing and talented people.   


Finally, it’s here!

When I saw my crate as it was coming with a forklift I was incredibly happy.

I was ready to mount my stuff, put them on the wall and make the electrical work.

Changed my fancy business clothes to work clothes which wear a  T-shirt with a unicorn on it and I also have a pair of colorful women working gloves with flowers on them  – thank you Kriszti.

Real women power.

Finally – and luckily – all I had to do was to tell the builder guys where they should put the products and when they were ready I fixed the electricity. And that was all. They were so professional and I was so thankful to them that I did not have to climb the ladder with  30 kg or even heavier products.  

From then on, showing our products was a piece of cake. The exhibition was successful and everything went smoothly on my way home. Plus! Somehow I didn’t even have jetlag.

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